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The lower the stakes now, the more straightforward January will be. of January will meet his/her justice, according to the astrology, . 21° in Sagittarius, Mars 22° in Taurus and Cupido 21° in Pisces. .. Pluto is very close by at 24 Capricorn, right on your Mercury, so transforms.

You can imagine these great circles marking about a playing field — only the field is your life! Or, at least the stuff you encounter in it. We use the intersections of three great circles — the horizon, the ecliptic and the prime meridian — to define the field. The Ascendant ASC , marks the point where the ecliptic crosses the eastern horizon.

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The Ascendant was considered the most important point in a chart, because it determines your Rising Sign and all the other houses in the chart. It also represents YOU. Your body, your appearance, your style. The Descendant is associated with the Seventh House.

Ascendant and 1st House Astrology

The Other. Especially the important others in your life — your spouse, partners business and romantic of course. But also the other side of a debate, the other team. Even your adversaries or competitors. The Medium Coeli MC , also known as the Midheaven, is located at the intersection of the ecliptic and the prime meridian in the sky overhead. And so, because this area of your life contains the things that are literally the most elevated in the sky at the time, it also has to do with the highest potential of that moment. We also relate it to your career, your status or reputation.

The MC is associated with the Tenth House. As the bottom of the chart, it represents your roots, your lineage and heritage. You ancestors and family traditions too. Your lands and estate. The IC is linked to the Fourth House. Each captain chooses its players. Sun drafts Jupiter , then Saturn.

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  • The Meanings of the Houses!

Moon chooses Venus , then Mars. And Mercury? He gets to referee. Then, each place became associated with all the stuff that allowed the planets to express themselves in the mundane, 3D world. House of the Moon is the Third House.

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  5. It contains everything familiar to you. Brothers and sisters of course, but also the people you see around the neighborhood, or the coworkers you see every day. The Moon was also associated with writing, and bringing the messages of the other planets down to earth, so the Third House contained those things too. Opposite the Moon is the Sun, of course. And so, no surprise that the Ninth House is the House of the Sun.

    And so prophesies, dreams, and mysteries found their place in the 9th house. So did all ways to explore the mysteries, philosophy, religion and the like. In other words, anything that can get you outside of your comfort zone so you can grow.

    The FIRST HOUSE of Astrology: Planetary Placements

    Of course, the House of Venus contains all the yummy things she loves. It holds all acts of pleasure. Romance and sex absolutely. Plus vacations, playtime, and anything else fun. The House of Jupiter contains all things which uplift and support us.

    The strange influence of Mercury

    Which, in a perfect world, are your friends. In medieval times this would be your guild. Now we think in terms of trade associations, support groups, even spiritual communities. Charites and philanthropy too. In astrology, this is the Eleventh House. The House of Mars is known as the Sixth House. It also a house of all your duties and obligations, that presumably require effort to fulfill. Also the house of illness or health, since maintaining your own body is a kind of obligation, so that it can serve you in return.

    Basically all this alludes to the notion that Mars is at his best when he has a job to do, something constructive he can use his energy for. Saturn sets limits and boundaries, all those things which set apart us apart. If the 1st lord is in that house means it is in its own sign and guarding the matters of that house. Mars is considered as a planet of war and you may display a soldier like nature. You may have to slow down little energy in all your relationships because your innate vibe is to display soldier-like qualities, so may like to wage war with almost all the people in your life.

    No matter whether they come from the personal or professional front. You may be interested in luxuries, and of course with beautiful things. You may desire for peace and harmony in all the relationships. It may be hard for you to be in troubling situations.

    You may even land up in a job where you use your communication skills. You may be caring and displaying mother like nature to all. Sun is the king of our solar system and you may have that much of ego. This is the indication of a very confident person and that too depends upon the aspect and conjunctions Sun has.

    The ego may cause conflicts with others as well. You may like to follow the principles and rules and may not tolerate any one going against your ideas. Peace will be your motto and you may like to keep a good balance in the relationships. They also will show the determination like Aries since both signs are ruled by Mars. The Ketu influence is making you more mysterious. Most of your moves will be very mysterious. In natural zodiac wheel, Scorpio means all the mysterious things. You may like to advise and teach others. You yourself will be too optimistic and this extra optimism can bring you some unrealistic ambitions.

    First House in Astrology: The House of Self and Personality | 1st House

    You may not be quick in actions but when you act you will shut down all the loopholes. You may have to be in an organized environment, so you will be looking at all the details. You may be an outgoing person who likes to be among the groups.