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The lower the stakes now, the more straightforward January will be. of January will meet his/her justice, according to the astrology, . 21° in Sagittarius, Mars 22° in Taurus and Cupido 21° in Pisces. .. Pluto is very close by at 24 Capricorn, right on your Mercury, so transforms.

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February 28, Birthdate Meaning. March 28, Birthdate Meaning. April 28, Birthdate Meaning. May 28, Birthdate Meaning. June 28, Birthdate Meaning. The expansion you're working on will gain structure, doors that should close will begin to, and even more, will open to guide your path across the next year. Tuesday, start asking the questions you want t As we transition from to , we transition from the sign Sagittarius to the sign Capricorn. Listen to a preview of this pivotal year.

His name was John E.

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Sarno M. In episode astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan meet up in the studio to give an overview of the astrological forecast for December of , which features Jupiter moving into Capricorn at the start of a one year transit through that sign. As comes to a close, there is more than retrospective meditation required for the stoner Virgo. The final month of the year will offer support and opportunity for investment in self.

It wi Stoner Taurus December will unfold with an unexpected velocity. This fast paced cosmic anomaly will throw you and your canna-crew into turmoil. Puff puff pass on the stress and anxiety stoner Taurus. You can handle this cosmic fastball. But more importantly, the hectic nature of December will bring an opportunity to lead your smoke circle to sa Stoner Scorpio December will be a month of discovery. There will be no investigation or cosmic journey required for this discovery. Sometimes knowledge and progression come through no insight or process.

Hence, buckle up tight, twist the joint just right, and enjoy the ride. Stoner Sagittarius universal appreciation comes through positive cosmic winds in December. What a wonderful way to end , right? However, the welcome news of universal positive influence comes with requirements. Now is the time to dive deep with your inner self to contemplate, dis Stoner Pisces looking back on the year, there were plenty of highs, and perhaps more lows than you would have liked.

Not a loss, but maybe not the progress you hoped to see. Do not dismay; sometimes seeds take longer to sprout, and others ev Stoner Libra there will be showers of positivity in December. This kind cosmic influence will not be overt or obvious. In order to fully receive the rewards from the positive planetary positioning, the stoner Libra must engage clear third eye vision.

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In order to spot opportunity, you must first be attentive and open to receiving it. Combust the Beaming from cosmos, the stoner Leo will be granted great third eye vision in December. This enhanced third eye vision will not give you psychic clairvoyance, but cannabis companions and smoke circle acquaintances will be deciphered under a new light. This keen cosmic blessing will assist the stoner Leo in assessing their place within the work Whether you are the friend with the kind bud, or kind words, you will be the helping hand of the cannabis crew this December.

Look back to where you started the year to where you are now. Your growth and progress i Stoner Capricorn December will be a challenging period. But during this phase, you will be the one performing the exacting actions. Stand tall my sturdy Sea Goat, this month you will bring the fight to those that oppose you.

Whether you are standing against injustice, confronting a nemesis, or breaking imposing societal restraints, there will b Stoner Cancer as we transition from into the great unknown of the year to come, one thing is certain: You are going to be noticed. While the days grow darker more quickly, your glowing aura will be impossible to miss.

This means you can expect great growth in interpersonal relationships, both platonic and romantic. New relationships can gr You may feel like an exhaustive race is near the end with the finish line in sight. Breathe deep, inhale the perspective expanding magic of the sacred herb, and see with your third eye vision that the race is far from over.